1 & 3 phase UPS Solutions


  • Size: Available in 600VA to 500KVA and above on Request…

1-Phase UPS: 1-phase UPS systems are designed to protect single-phase electrical equipment. They commonly provide power backup to devices like personal computers, servers, networking equipment, home appliances, and small to medium-sized businesses. In a 1-phase UPS, the power is distributed in a single waveform, typically with two conductors: one for the live/hot wire and one for neutral. These UPS units usually offer power capacities from a few hundred VA (Volt-Ampere) to tens of kiloVA.

3-Phase UPS: On the other hand, 3-phase UPS systems are intended for larger applications and industrial settings where higher power demands are required. They deliver power through three conductors, each carrying an alternating current waveform that is 120 degrees out of phase with each other. This design allows for a more efficient distribution of power and is commonly used in data centers, large industrial machinery, manufacturing plants, hospitals, and critical infrastructure facilities. 3-phase UPS units typically have higher power ratings, starting from several kiloVA to several megaVA.

Key Differences:

Power Capacity: 3-phase UPS systems generally offer higher power capacities compared to 1-phase UPS systems.

Application: 1-phase UPS is suitable for small to medium-sized applications, while 3-phase UPS is used in larger industrial or commercial settings.

Efficiency: 3-phase power distribution is more efficient for larger systems and machinery, providing a smoother power flow and reducing electrical losses.

Complexity: Installing and managing 3-phase UPS systems can be more complex due to the additional wiring and the need for specialized electrical expertise.

Choosing between a 1-phase and 3-phase UPS depends on the power requirements of the equipment you’re looking to protect or the specific needs of the application. Small businesses, home offices, or individual users generally opt for 1-phase UPS systems, while larger enterprises with substantial power needs lean towards 3-phase UPS for their scalability and efficiency.


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